n.1.(Bot.) Properly the citron, a variety of Citrus medica, with large fruits, not acid, and having a high perfume.
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SWITCH IT: Jo Malone Incense and Cedrat Cologne, PS105 (www.
TOP NOTES: Top notes include red ginger essence from Laos, juniper berries, and cedrat from Sicily
TOP NOTES: red grapefruit, Italian cedrat, red cranberry MID NOTES: red saffron, lavandin, red sage BASE NOTES: red wood, amber, coffee berry
Aero Sekur SpA, Cedrat Technologies, Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Eaton Corp.
Mugler Cologne, Azzaro Pure Cedrat, Pure Vetiver and Pure Lavender
New Products: Multi-Active Night Prevention Plus, Multi-Active Day Cream Protection Plus, Multi-Matte foundation, Fix' Mascara, Pure Cedrat fragrance, Clarins Men, Replenishing lip balm, Total Double Serum, Radiance-Plus self-tanning cream-gel, Eau Tranquility fragrance.
austriamicrosystems - Bee Switching - Cedrat Technologies - CeramTec - CTS Wireless - CurrentRF - EaglePicher - EDO Corp.
The Heart-Beat Scavenger (HBS) Consortium, which also includes the Sorin Group, TIMA, Cedrat Technologies, Tronics and EASII IC, is targeting an energy self-sufficient device that harvests mechanical energy from the movements of the heart, eliminating the need for batteries and post-implant surgeries to replace them.
1 Leti Forms Partnership with Sorin, TIMA, Cedrat Technologies, Tronics and EASII IC 79 4.
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (coordinator, SME) and ONERA/GMT/DERM (Major Sub Contractor, Research Establishment) forms a consortium using their shared experience on innovative electromechanical actuators and flow control valves to meet the SFWA requirements.