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Noun1.Cedrus - true cedarsCedrus - true cedars        
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Pinaceae, Pinaceae, pine family - a family of Pinaceae
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
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com,Corpus Anima: Reflections from the Unity of Body and Soul , by Cedrus Monte, PhD.
Summary: Cedrus Bank announced Tuesday that it will raise its equity to $60 million after Cedrus Invest Bank completed the acquisition of Standard Chartered Bank in Lebanon.
Beirut-based Cedrus Bank, a unit of Cedrus Invest Bank, a wealth manager, has announced that it will expand its services in the nation to retail banking.
Cedrus secures access to a broad range of mineral assets for its own proprietary investment fund and its clientele around the world
Cedrus deodara oil had the greatest suppressive effect on the amount of food transported by the workers followed by the C.
Studies on the anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Cedrus deodara (Roxb.
Al Ansari, who also sits on the Boards of Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFCA), Hawkamah Institute of Corporate Governance and Cedrus Bank, becomes the company's sixth Board member.
He expressed these views while addressing a function after planting a Cedrus plant under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Green Growth Programme on Havilian Campus of Hazara University on Saturday.
The products regarding which procurement MoUs were signed include zinc concentrates and copper concentrates, cotton yarn, frozen fish, linter, cotton and cotton yarn, menthol, castor oil and sugar gum, acrylic tow, Indian granite block and cedrus deodara seed," the ministry stated.
Recent variations in weather have hit the park which has been losing trees over the years - 2013 departures will include a large Cedrus atlantica Glauca close to the South African War Memorial (1905).
A simple system is phenological diversity, as in Cedrus, which sheds its pollen in the fall, without competition from co-existing conifers.
4 For the big statement tree in a rolling landscape, it's hard to beat cedrus atlantica Glauca.