Cedrus libani

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Noun1.Cedrus libani - cedar of Lebanon and northwestern Syria that attains great age and heightCedrus libani - cedar of Lebanon and northwestern Syria that attains great age and height
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
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However, he discovered that the only genuine Cedrus Libani bound for a Lebanon, USA that survived, was in Ohio.
The wood used for the final artwork was Cedrus Libani (Cedar of Lebanon) which came from one of three trees planted in the 1800s at Brodsworth Hall in Doncaster.
Antimicrobial activity of rosins obtained from the roots and stems of Cedrus libani and Abies cilicica.
Summary: For many years Lebanon's national tree, Cedrus libani, has been designated a beleaguered species whose numbers are lower than they should be.
Marblehead (Mark Wall), who was second in 2010, and course winner Cedrus Libani (Tom Weston), complete the five whose threefigure ratings suggest they should dominate.
Congratulations go to Pyle's Sally Randell on winning the classic Lady Dudley Cup at the Worcestershire with her Surenaga (Ben Poste) who easily accounted for Cedrus Libani.
It looks certain, however, that they will have a runner at Larkhill in the shape of Ludlow favourite Cedrus Libani, who blotted his impressive copybook recently when he planted himself at the start.
2003), which the major component was a-pinene (86%) and Cedrus libani was recently described that cones and leaves of Cedrus libani possess antimicrobial activity (Digrak et al.
It will include some 54 plants and trees, such as Cedrus Libani to Aloe Vera, from Zingiber Officinalis to Thymus vulgaris.
Nicky Richards' gelding had the misfortune of bumping into Hobbs Hill and Cedrus Libani earlier in the season but faced nothing of that calibre here.
Cedrus libani are widely used as traditional medicine in Lebanon for treatment of different infection diseases.
Cedrus Libani remains unbeaten over fences following his third victory but he was made to work a little harder than his odds suggested at Catterick yesterday.