Ceiling boards

Thin narrow boards used to ceil with.

See also: Ceiling

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Trisoft also produces a full and complete line of thermal and acoustic insulation that is steadily replacing fiberglass in drywall, ceiling boards, decorative HD printed noise-absorbing boards, wall panels and under-roof thermal insulation, as well as a line of power generator cabin insulators and automobile noise insulators.
In the wake of the fatal tunnel collapse on the Chuo Expressway, meanwhile, the company found defects in the hanging rings for the ceiling boards at a tunnel near Haneda airport during emergency checkups.
With a much more workable floor plan, sheetrock added a nice appearance to the walls, and whitewashed wood ceiling boards completed the contemporary feeling of the slanted ceiling of the now light-filled living area.
2]) roof of lead sheet pugging, membrane and oak ceiling boards, is supported by a composite truss of white American oak rafters, stainless-steel tie-rods and intermediate circular posts.
It forms up to 15 per cent of concrete gutters, ceiling boards, brake linings and roof tiles.
From putting up ceiling boards and fixing electricity sockets to the walls to constructing makeshift ladders so the roof could be painted, Mick has been indispensable from day one.
And, while the major work was done during the 1990s, the scaffolding and missing ceiling boards on the north transept show that work continues.
Fire Brigade Commander John Cook said: "One of our chaps found a bag of mouldy sandwiches above the ceiling boards.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Ceiling Boards And Wooden Planks Battens In Rccc And Champa Club In Bgr Township
The deputy chief said firefighters had to do back-breaking work to pull out ceiling boards to get at the growing flames.
Sagging ceiling tiles or boards, ceiling boards falling out of the ceiling grid, or sagging sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads
I also took an old shutter and followed the design to the letter, using ceiling boards to make new shutters and a new half door for the cottage.