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With the best of the bunch, C4's The Undateables, ending last week, E4 filled the void with cringefest Celebs Go Dating.
But the annual weight loss of the stars is also another frequent talking point - with curvy or portly celebs often shedding the weight after living off beans and rice for weeks.
Celebs playing on the day include UK Garage Music legends, MC Kie and DJ Pied Piper, Hollyoak's Paul Danan, Big Brother 2016 Winner, Jason Burrill and Celebrity Big Brother & Towie favourite Lewis Bloor.
Earlier, the celebs were put into pairs before being taken into the jungle.
The celebs were put into pairs and split into two teams - City Celebs and Jungle Celebs.
And given the general consternation from his equally celeb-savvy friends (I mean, I don't want to drop any names, but some of them were actual celebs, or at least, people who have, like, done the make-up of actual celebs
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER Wed C5 9pm NEW SERIES With a theme described as Twisted Fairytale, it seems a happily-ever-after ending is unlikely for most of the celebs taking part in this reality show.
The website reportedly spoke to many male celebs but it has not revealed their names.
Fellow Egyptian actress Liqa Suwaidan has launched a verbal attack on the prankster, calling his show "silly and insulting to celebs.
It happens EVERY year, one of the celebs has an unfair advantage because of their dancing background.
I WAS going to have a rant about celebs posting pictures of themselves in hospital with drips hanging out of their arms - a la Kelly Osbourne and Rihanna - or stripped to the waste, with a hospital gown just showing - a la Justin Bieber.
The campaign is fronted by Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, and centres around an exclusive auction where celebs, stores and fashion houses donate outfits.