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A young, fashionable, and usually wealthy person who is the subject of frequent media attention.

[Blend of celebrity and debutante.]


(sɪˈlɛbjʊˌtɑːnt; -ˌtænt)
a young woman from a wealthy background who becomes a celebrity
[C20: from celeb(rity) + (deb)utante]


(səˈlɛb yʊˌtɑnt)
a person seeking the limelight by associating with celebrities.
[1985–90; b. celebrity and debutante]
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After serving ten years in jail for murdering her wealthy socialite mother, celebutante Janie Jenkins is released on a technicality.
The former Baywatch star, who filed for divorce in July, was seen canoodling the 46-year-old celebutante in Sardinia recently, Us magazine reported.
Osang, as small as she is but endowed with a big voice, is no beauty queen, not a concert queen, not a fashion maven or a celebutante, but a caregiver paid to look after her employer's physical and medical needs.
The celebutante had no experience before being hired to co-host the high-profile Fox singing competition.
Hearst, 28, has never been the kind of airhead heiress or celebutante who gets in trouble.
While lipstick imperialism argues that women worldwide are passively endorsing the celebutante look, lipstick jihad highlights another possible use of the much-decried western model of femininity.
You're standing in the checkout line at the grocery story, half-heartedly gazing at all the vacuous gossip magazine covers that proclaim the latest reality show stars' divorces or the most recent travails of that Hollywood celebutante who seems to be in constant transit between rehab and jail, when you think longingly to yourself, "If only I had access to the latest issue of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter right now.
Famed for their funky packaging Benefit has done it again with Celebutante.
Celebutante, fashion entrepreneur and proud owner of that famous booty, Kim Kardashian is breaking out with a new kind of tape--several of them, in fact.
Yet Myers was rivaled in the Razzie stakes by celebutante Hilton, who made good on her pledge to seek a lower public profile following her 2007 prison drama by appearing in two movies in 2008 that no-one watched.
Dziena's dippy celebutante deMes belief, learning that a historical Mgure died of consumption then wondering aloud, "He drank too much?