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A young, fashionable, and usually wealthy person who is the subject of frequent media attention.

[Blend of celebrity and debutante.]


(sɪˈlɛbjʊˌtɑːnt; -ˌtænt)
a young woman from a wealthy background who becomes a celebrity
[C20: from celeb(rity) + (deb)utante]


(səˈlɛb yʊˌtɑnt)
a person seeking the limelight by associating with celebrities.
[1985–90; b. celebrity and debutante]
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I read articles about Syria, celebutantes, and gaegogi (dog meat), wondering if my cousin is having another seizure now or maybe now.
Almost 90 years ago, Hollywood was reeling from one scandal after another as the biggest stars in the biz behaved in ways that would make today's hard-partying celebutantes blush.
the new "fashion activity book," comes complete with crayons so you can color, cut and paste your revenge against shallow Hollywood celebutantes.
The solid, confident rocker "Star" is a cautionary tale about celebutantes and overnight sensations with stars in their eyes and unquenchable, planet-size egos in their stomachs.
All the characters in Celebutantes, describing a debutante who has celebrity status, are inspired by real people and most of the events depicted really happened.
The young celebutantes so frequently in the headlines need to learn how to channel their actions into more productive adult lives.
IT probably did Peaches Geldof no favours at all to be placed at number one in Tatler magazine's "little black book of celebutantes and hip-hopcracy" last year.
Here are a few perks of a little low-key star-gazing: 1) You can dish endlessly about celebutantes, movie stars and reality TVsters without ever worrying about gossip-gone-bad.
But while she is making it in management, Pashina's troupe of go-go boys and celebutantes will naturally be on hand and on the dance floor at every Kookoo party to give it that hedonistic glamour.
celebutantes living in their midst, but maybe they're supposed to be.
Whether it's the five-fingered leather half-glove, gold nameplate necklaces or the House of Field tote bag, Field is continuously producing hot products that not only attract movie stars, fashion industry insiders and celebutantes, but also appeal to the general public.
Get up close and personal with the celebutantes and their ilk, especially on the Tuesday karaoke nights.