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 (chə-lē′nē, chĕ-), Benvenuto 1500-1571.
Italian writer and sculptor known for his Autobiography and his sculpture of Perseus.


(tʃɪˈliːnɪ; Italian tʃɛlˈliːni)
(Biography) Benvenuto (benveˈnuːto). 1500–71, Italian sculptor, goldsmith, and engraver, noted also for his autobiography


(tʃəˈli ni)

Benvenuto, 1500–71, Italian metalsmith, sculptor, and autobiographer.
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Noun1.Cellini - Italian sculptor (1500-1571)Cellini - Italian sculptor (1500-1571)  
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Benvenuto Cellini tells us in his memoirs, that, after a certain terrible dream or vision which he had during his confinement in the castle of St.
On another occasion the teacher talked to the chil- dren of Benvenuto Cellini.
Yes, a chef d'oeuvre of the great Florentine sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini," replied Athos.
There was to be nothing finer or sweeter in the life of even Benvenuto Cellini, that rough-hewn saint, ten centuries later.
The brooch itself is of most curious art, Cellini never made a fairer thing To please the great Lorenzo.
It was a Pope who said of Cellini to a conclave of Cardinals that common laws and common authority were not made for men such as he; but it was a Pope who thrust Cellini into prison, and kept him there till he sickened with rage, and created unreal visions for himself, and saw the gilded sun enter his room, and grew so enamoured of it that he sought to escape, and crept out from tower to tower, and falling through dizzy air at dawn, maimed himself, and was by a vine-dresser covered with vine leaves, and carried in a cart to one who, loving beautiful things, had care of him.
It was wrought by the hands of the renowned Benvenuto Cellini, and is well worthy to be a love gift to the fairest dame in Italy.
Since the beginning of 2017, it has offered a bro selection of watches from Rolex's Oyster and Cellini collections.
RKF has arranged a 2,914 S/F lease with Cellini, an independent luxury watch and fine jewelry retailer, at Midwood Investment and Development's 430 Park Avenue in Midtown
Richard Cellini, an alumnus of Georgetown, recalls feeling dissatisfied by that explanation at the time.
We talk to Richard Cellini, the founder of the Georgetown Memory Project, and the force behind the university's recent decision to grant preferential admissions to the descendants of the 272 slaves it sold in 1838 to save the school from financial default.
More than 700 persons attended the event," Dr Emanuel Tolessa, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and head of the orthopedic department, said, adding: "Companies including Parsons, Cellini, Deloitte, and Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana sent some of their employees to benefit from the event.