Celluloid film

(Photog.) a thin flexible sheet of celluloid, coated with a sensitized emulsion of gelatin, and used as a substitute for photographic plates.

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Economic and technological changes are steadily pushing celluloid film into "boutique" status.
1895: The first celluloid film was presented to an invited audience by Auguste and Louis Lumiere in Paris.
Because Birmingham is where PLASTIC was invented, and later the celluloid film which powered cinema to silver screen success.
This process has accelerated with astonishing rapidity over the past couple of years, marked by the primary manufacturers of both film cameras and celluloid film stock either ceasing production or filing for bankruptcy protection and the widespread conversion to digital cinema projection (DCP) by theaters (including art house cinemas, many of whom have turned to crowd-sourcing sites to fund the upgrade) lest they be unable to show most new features (including art house movies) that are only being distributed digitally.
Little links these videos thematically, yet they repeatedly home in on historical or contemporary modes of conveying images or information--from sophisticated digital renderings of deep space to crude computer animation to newspapers to celluloid film.
Whether sound and moving images are digital or analog, recorded and stored as computer files, or on celluloid film, the basic skills and approaches for analyzing them remain quite similar.
But this was put into jeopardy, however, by the withdrawal of celluloid film by the film industry.
Kodak, slow to phase out its 20th-century cash cow of celluloid film, is still trying to redefine itself as a 21st-century powerhouse in digital imaging.
Celluloid film has been used in film distribution and screenings for more than 100 years, but repeat play easily leads to scratching, bleaching, and sudden flashes and jittery playback, etc.
Old celluloid film reels showing the working lives of men and women from ICI Billingham and ICI Wilton have now been put on DVD.
1895: The Lumire brothers Louis and Auguste gave the first demonstration of celluloid film in Paris The sons of a portrait painter, the Lumire brothers attended technical school before joining the successful business manufacturing photographic products that their father created.
The gap between digital video and the polished look of celluloid film has become a confusing realm of individual techniques, lengthy rendering sessions, monotonous tweaks, expensive transfer costs, and often a loss of quality and focus on the project at hand," said Lance Maurer, CEO and president of Cinnafilm.