Celluloid film

(Photog.) a thin flexible sheet of celluloid, coated with a sensitized emulsion of gelatin, and used as a substitute for photographic plates.

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Don't know if it deserves the tag 'breaking' but celluloid film is back.
Weapon physicist Greg Spriggs and Jim Moye, a film expert, have been tasked with getting the footage off of the celluloid film it was shot on before it rots away.
1895: The first celluloid film was presented to an invited audience by Auguste and Louis Lumiere in Paris.
We've commissioned the graphic design group Doyle Partners to create a 'black box' at the reception desk made of celluloid, housing an original projector," said Dan Shannon, who added that there will also be an original piece of wall art composed of vintage celluloid film and glass, visible to patrons as they enter the newly-designed distinctive space.
Tenders are invited for Conversion of Celluloid Film and Analog Video to digital format and restoration
I was driving from Los Angeles to Seattle, and I e-mailed Kristan Kennedy, a curator at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and said I wanted to do a project with the celluloid film strip, and she got back to me right away to say yes.
Other topics include the magnetic properties of core samples from Sumatra, geopolymers made from inorganic waste, ginger extract as a corrosion inhibitor, and a celluloid film infrared bandpass filter for thermography.
Because Birmingham is where PLASTIC was invented, and later the celluloid film which powered cinema to silver screen success.
This process has accelerated with astonishing rapidity over the past couple of years, marked by the primary manufacturers of both film cameras and celluloid film stock either ceasing production or filing for bankruptcy protection and the widespread conversion to digital cinema projection (DCP) by theaters (including art house cinemas, many of whom have turned to crowd-sourcing sites to fund the upgrade) lest they be unable to show most new features (including art house movies) that are only being distributed digitally.
Whether sound and moving images are digital or analog, recorded and stored as computer files, or on celluloid film, the basic skills and approaches for analyzing them remain quite similar.
But this was put into jeopardy, however, by the withdrawal of celluloid film by the film industry.
Preiss suggests a few possibilities: the increasing scarcity of celluloid film, the inevitable, beautiful maturation of his child and that rare perfect number: 2500 shot rolls.