a.1.Of or pertaining to a cemetery.
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13) Letter, Henderson National Memorial Civil Rights League to Woodrow Wilson, 27 June 1916, NA, RG 92, Office of the Quartermaster General, Cemeterial Division, 1917-1922, Box 14, Folder Corrizal, Mexico.
3 Cemeterial Expenses million Source: CNN Stimulus Spending (Billions) Agriculture and rural development: $15.
Thirdly, the nigra ilex as both a natural and funereal element: Lokaj points out how the nigra ilex, or black holm-oak--in Ovid's tale a mournful and almost cemeterial symbol--would be a constant presence in Verga's Capinera, not as a tree, but rather as a toponym, Monte Ilice, on the slopes of Mount Etna, where Maria and Nino do actually fall in love.
In these portraits there is ant shrapnel, exorcism as excoriation, an abrading of the face to reveal its abraxas, its cemeterial grue, its fecal infinity.