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 (chĕn′chē), Beatrice 1577-1599.
Italian noblewoman who was beheaded for patricide. She is depicted in many works of art and literature, including Percy Shelley's The Cenci (1819).


(ˈtʃɛn tʃi)

Beatrice, 1577–1599, Italian parricide whose life is the subject of various novels and poems.
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Not by the horrible things imputed both ways; I know (though it's not modern to say so) that human nature in the highest places is still capable of being Cenci or Borgia.
It is rather for Shelley's shorter poems, his lyrics, that I would try to gain your love at present, for although he wrote The Cenci, the best tragedy of his time, a tragedy which by its terror and pain links him with Shakespeare, it is as a lyric poet that we love Shelley.
Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Preface to The Cenci," Poetical Works 278.
The second half of the book pursues Jewett's concerns through the best known romantic drama, Shelley's The Cenci, one of Byron's history plays, Marino Faliero (which should be better known), and two late fragments by Shelley, Charles I and The Triumph of Life.
Similarly, Hemans' powerful and fascinating Siege of Valencia is included among her substantial section, allowing a unit of tragedy to be made between these and the more conventional examples of Byron's Manfred and Shelley's Cenci.
Our legislature has been very good about listening to our agency and to sportsmen," says Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Deputy Chief of Law Enforcement Mike Cenci.
There are a lot of incentives for continuing to grow illegally," said Washington Fish and Wildlife Deputy Chief Mike Cenci, citing growers' distaste for taxes and red tape.
The tragic, violent stories--oVittoria Accoramboni: Duchess of Bracciano,o oThe Cenci,o oThe Duchess of Palliano,o oThe Abbess of Castro,o oThe Jew,o oSan Francesco a Ripa,o oToo Much Favor Is Deadly: A Tale of 1589,o and oSuora Scolastica: A Story That Shocked All Naples in 1740o--are set in a romanticized Italy, are based on historical events, and feature passionate, transgressive characters engaged in the search for happiness.
La misma situacion entre el personaje de Eva Peron, la actriz y el publico en el que se genera esa interaccion triadica de afeccion, de emocion y de identidad, tambien lo notaba Cecilia Cenci, la actriz que habia encarnado el rol de Evita en Gatica y que a su vez, por ese motivo, habia llevado posteriormente al teatro Carinosamente.
I feel a giddy sickness of strange awe': Chillingworth, Cenci, and the Silent Pleasure of Pain.
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