Centerfire cartridge

Cen´ter`fire` car´tridge

1.See under Cartridge.
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The 8x57 wasn't the first smokeless centerfire cartridge, but was among the first when it appeared in the Gewehr 1888 "commission" rifle.
Oliver Winchester's successful brass-framed rimfire 1860 Henry and 1866 evolved into an iron-framed (later steel-framed) rifle firing a new reloadable centerfire cartridge.
So I cleaned the barrel--like I would have done a bit sooner with any new barrel chambered to a centerfire cartridge.
I'm sure the teaser generated both intrigue--and disappointment--in many quarters, as making note of the fact there is a new cartridge is exciting news for any shooter, curious if it's a rimfire or centerfire cartridge and if the launch platform is a rifle or handgun.
By the 1870s, the typical military rifle was a single-shot weapon firing a powerful centerfire cartridge, as exemplified by the Remington Rolling Block and Martini-Henry.
5mm centerfire cartridge that used a rimmed copper case loaded with 77.
A centerfire cartridge with rimmed, bottlenecked case 58mm long, it was loaded with a 375-grain lead bullet and 78 grains of blackpowder for a velocity of 1380 fps.
What is needed, then, is a reloadable centerfire cartridge that offers considerably more wallop than the .
22 LR than anything, the centerfire cartridge I shoot the most is likely 5.
Instead the major emphasis in centerfire cartridge design has been toward (1) getting the darn things to feed reliably in repeating actions, and (2) providing the muzzle velocities most hunters believe necessary for slaying big game.
7mm Pontifico--the Remington Rolling Block rifles obtained by the Papal forces were chambered for a 12mm, centerfire cartridge which used a rimmed, straight-walled case 45mm long loaded with 62-grain of blackpowder and topped with a 480-grain lead bullet.
22 rimfire which develops its optimum velocity within about 16 inches of barrel, a high-powdered centerfire cartridge benefits from a longer tube in terms of increased velocity.