Massif Central

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Mas·sif Cen·tral

 (mă-sēf′ sĕn-träl′, säN-)
A mountainous plateau of south-central France. It includes the Cévennes and the Auvergne Mountains, which rise to the plateau's highest point, 1,886 m (6,188 ft).

Massif Central

(French masif sɑ̃tral)
(Placename) a mountainous plateau region of S central France, occupying about one sixth of the country: contains several extinct volcanic cones, notably Puy de Dôme, 1465 m (4806 ft). Highest point: Puy de Sancy, 1886 m (6188 ft). Area: about 85 000 sq km (33 000 sq miles)

Mas•sif Cen•tral

(ma sif sɑ̃ˈtral)
a plateau in S central France.
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Noun1.Massif Central - a mountainous plateau in southern France that covers almost one sixth of the country
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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