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1.A combining form denoting the head, of the head, connected with the head; as, cephalosome, cephalopod.
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All patients were monitored with a nocturnal PSG that was performed with multichannel monitoring that included neurophysiological electrodes (electroencephalography electrodes), chest wall motion, abdominal motion, arterial oxygen saturation, and electrocardiography electrodes (Grass-Telefactor Cephalo, An Astro-med Inc.
Anthologiae Graecae a Constantino Cephalo conditae libri tres: Notitia Poetarum, 1-98.
The company added that Provigil is marketed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Cephalo Inc.
Testudo cephalo Schneider, 1783; Testudo caouma Lacepede, 1788; Chelone caretta: Brongniart, 1805; Caretta cephalo Merren, 1820; Chelonia caouma: Dumeril & Bibron, 183; Thalassochelys caretta: Bonaparte, 1838; Thalassochelys caouma: Agassiz, 1857; Caretta caretta: Stejneger, 1904; Thalassochelys cephalo: Barbour & Cole, 1906; Caretta caretta caretta: Mertens & Muller, 1928.
A lateral cephalo metric radiograph is also used to assist in treatment planning.
High head in primigravida has long been considered a possible sign of cephalo pelvic disproportion.
cephalo caudal diameter of 13 cm), due to the fact that it has high sensitivity and specificity, safe, noninvasive, quick, mobile and less costly.
Details about duration of labour, cephalo pelvic disproportion (CPD) and birth weight were obtained from hospital records.
CASE REPORT: A 24 yrs unbooked thin built second gravida with 37 weeks of gestation was posted for emergency LSCS in view of cephalo pelvic disproportion (CPD) and failure to progress.
had reported that, Cephalo Pelvic Disprportion leads to higher rate of operative interventions and instrumental deliveries.
Whereas, the Quinolones and third generation Cephalos porins are potentially effective drugs against S.