a.1.(Zool.) Belonging to, or resembling, the cephalopods.
References in classic literature ?
And in some whole groups of animals and in certain members of other groups, the embryo does not at any period differ widely from the adult: thus Owen has remarked in regard to cuttle-fish, 'there is no metamorphosis; the cephalopodic character is manifested long before the parts of the embryo are completed;' and again in spiders, 'there is nothing worthy to be called a metamorphosis.
He's words plus Robertson's uncanny awk, drummer Levon Helm's cephalopodic clatter, the thin wild mercury of his voice.
He does, however, live at the bottom of the ocean, in a giant pineapple in the community of Bikini Bottom, hangs around with his dullard friend, Patrick (a starfish), and constantly annoys his cranky cephalopodic neighbor, Squidward.
Their voracious appetite for bird plumes having exhausted all the worthy species of that family, the fashionistas moved on to cephalopodic accoutrements during the early 20th Century.
7-23) by the late Richard Maxwell, points out that in the decades immediately preceding "The Kraken," "polypi" could designate cephalopodic animals such as the squid or octopi or tiny sea creatures that, like plants, multiplied when cut in two.
The most vegetative of cephalopodic monsters, he is the ultimate example of a charismatic hybrid: squid as coral, polypus as .
Emerging from the shadows, the Kraken is less like a coral; functioning, now, at a desperately rapid rate, he seems to be gaining a proper squid body and a proper cephalopodic set of instincts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes's "The Chambered Nautilus" (1858)--another renowned excursion into cephalopodic lyricism-presents the nautilus's step-by-step construction of its shell as an inspirational example: "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul.
But Verne is obsessed with cephalopodic lore from his opening chapter onwards.
38) Cthulhu is an enormous cephalopodic creature, with dragon wings and a squidlike, tentacle-bearing head, waiting under the sea for his moment to rise once more and lead the other Old Ones, a band of unnumbered polypi, also slumbering within their appointed grottoes, in a cataclysmic sacking of the earth.