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Noun1.Cephalopterus - a genus of CotingidaeCephalopterus - a genus of Cotingidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Cotingidae, family Cotingidae - cotingas; umbrella birds
Cephalopterus ornatus, umbrella bird - black tropical American bird having a large overhanging crest and long feathered wattle
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The directed seed dispersal by the frugivorous bird Cephalopterus penduliger (umbrellabird) resulted in a significantly higher genetic diversity of seedlings of Oenocarpus bataua in targeted deposit areas of the tropical forest of north-western Ecuador, compared to other sites (Karubian et al.
odynastes luteiventris Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Conopias albovittata Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus melancholicus Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus verticalis Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus tyrannus Viuda Heredia Tyrannus forficatus Tijerillas Zona Sur Tyrannus savana Tijerillas Las Juntas Abangares Incertae sedis Tityra semifasciata Calandria San Vito Pajaro chancho Valle Central Cotingidae Cephalopterus Pajaro sombrilla Monteverde glabricollis Procnias tricarunculata Calandria Pajareros Pajaro Campana Monteverde Pipridae Manacus cande