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 (sā′räm′, sĕ-räN′)
See Seram.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Seram


or Se•ram

(sɪˈræm, ˈseɪ rɑm)

an island of the Moluccas in Indonesia, W of New Guinea. 100,000; 7191 sq. mi. (18,625 sq. km).
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8220;In our ongoing efforts to develop new products and improve our existent product portfolio, it has been important for Skamol to take our many years of collaboration to the next level by becoming a Ceram Technology Partner.
CERAM video recorded and measured typical product journey cycles over five key stages of activity.
Graham Small of Ceram said: "The Workspace team is able to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of interests"For SME start-up businesses it is able to start with initial concepts for a manufacturing facility to seeing the project through to a fully resourced and operational production unit"We can also help companies to apply for a range of grants to offset the costs of a new development.
Following on from being a Notified Body under the CPD, Ceram will continue to perform testing to attestation level 3 as a Notified Body for the CE marking of construction products under the CPR.
com)-- Ceram, the international materials technology company, will be holding a 'Surface Analysis Workshop' on Tuesday 22 October at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.
com)-- Ceram, an international materials technology company, has released a recording of their webinar, 'Testing More Than Just Numbers.
Mr Sarwar enlisted the specialist skills of Stoke-based technology and manufacturing consultants Ceram, which identified what the company needed to do to meet the ISO9001 quality criteria.
com)-- Ceram, the international materials technology company, will be holding a free breakfast forum "Resource Efficiency" on Friday 20 September at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.
Designer Peter Wardleworth said: "The whole process took about 18 months to perfect, working with a number of partners including CERAM Research in Stoke-on-Trent.
com)-- Ceram, the international materials technology company, provided the technical authorship for the recently published 'Clay Bricks and Clay Blocks' and 'Precast Concrete' Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAPs).
Flynn earned an MBA from CERAM France and a BS from University College Galway, Ireland.
KUFPEC of Kuwait, one of the other operators in the west of Irian Jaya, found the Ceram oilfield in 1994 in a Pre-Tertiary formation.