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Noun1.Cerambycidae - long-horned beetles
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
long-horned beetle, longicorn, longicorn beetle - long-bodied beetle having very long antennae
genus Monochamus, Monochamus - sawyer beetles
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For example, I counted 124 of the 167 genera of the Cerambycidae as being pictured.
Cerambycidae y otros Coleoptera de Leguminosae cortadas por Oncideres germari (Lamiinae: Onciderini) en Argentina.
DEAD PET BEETLE Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery This Nigerian longhorn beetle (Ceroplesis , family Cerambycidae, sub family Lamiinae) belonged to one John Williams-Vaughan who was a child in the early 1900s.
volvulus, Xylosandrus crassiusculus, and numerous species of Anobiidae, Cerambycidae, Curculionidae, and Platypodinae.
9 Haliplidae 1 Noteridae 1 Staphylinidae 3 3 Leiodidae 1 Nitidulidae 2 Phalacridae 1 1 Coccinellidae 2 Endomychidae 1 Mordellidae 2 Bostrichidae 3 Cerambycidae 1 Chrysomelidae 5 12 Bruchidae 1 Curculionidae 70 81 Scolytidae 12 33 Psocoptera 0.
Species of Diaparsis are known as parasitoids of the beetle families Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae and Scolytidae, but D.
The beetle is one of Europe's largest and comes from the cerambycidae (long horn) family of insects.
APHIS and CBP will also require the immediate reexportation of any marked WPM that is found to be infested with a live wood-boring pest of the families Cerambycidae (longhorned beetle), Buprestidae (wood-boring beetles), Siricidae (woodwasps), Cossidae (carpenter moth), Curculionidae (weevils), Platypodidae (ambrosia beetles), Sesiidae (clearwing moths) and Scolytidae (bark beetles).
Disjunct distribution of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) in the Black Belt and Jackson Prairie in Mississippi and Alabama.
13 05-12 to 06-03 Cerambycidae Analeptura lineola (Say) 7 06-23 to 07-26 Bellamira scalaris (Say) 1 06-23 Brachysomida bivittata (Say) 5 05-19 to 06-09 Dorcaschema alternatum (Say) 1 07-14 Gaurotes cyanipennis (Say) 2 07-14 Orthosoma brunneum (Forster) 17 04-21 to 07-15 Parandra (Neandra) brunnea brunnea 2 08-04 to 08-25 (F.
Includes Acanaloniidae,Asilidae, Bruchidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae,Cicindelidae, Elateridae, Miridae,Myrmeleontidae, Nabidae, Pentatomidae, Psyllidae,Rhopalidae, Scutellaridae and unidentitiedinsect parts.
G Hunt (2000) Tool use by the New Caledonian Crow Corvus moneduloides to obtain Cerambycidae from dead wood.