Cerastium arvense

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Noun1.Cerastium arvense - densely tufted perennial chickweed of north temperate zoneCerastium arvense - densely tufted perennial chickweed of north temperate zone
clammy chickweed, mouse eared chickweed, mouse-ear chickweed, mouse ear, chickweed - any of various plants related to the common chickweed
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Caption: A brown elfin butterfly on a Cerastium arvense flower in Washington Park
Agrostemma githago, Cerastium arvense, Cerastium holosteoides, Scleranthus annuus, Silene vulgaris, Stellaria graminea, Stellaria media and Spergula arvensis to the pink family (Caryophyllaceae) as use of phase contrast microscopy would be necessary for identification of the mentioned species.
vierhapperi 8 1 Braya humilis 8 + Bupleurum americanum 31 + CastiIleja hyperborea 8 + Cerastium arvense 0 -- Chamaerhodos erecta ssp.
These two species with Galium lucidum and Cerastium arvense subsp.
T Phacelia secunda var secunda T Caryophylaceae Cerastium arvense G Cyperaceae Carex s p.