a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epibranchial in a branchial arch.
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Proximally, this cartilage is fused with the first ceratobranchial cartilage and articulated with the distal margin of the first hypobranchial cartilage.
2) constitutes the lower pharyngeal jaw (5th ceratobranchial elements) of an adult judging by its size, and it is above the average of the species.
Meanwhile, the ceratobranchial elements (CB 1-5) are rod-like in shape (Figure 4).
The hyoid apparatus of the Chinese goose is composed of a single entoglossal bone, paired rostral basibranchial bones, an urohyal bone, paired ceratobranchial bones, and paired epibranchial bones.
and the left ceratobranchial of arch I entered the field of view periodically.
Rakers on trailing edge of ceratobranchial 1 and on leading and trailing edges of cerato-branchials 2-3 and leading edge of ceratobranchial 4 irregularly and wealdy developed.
Anterior three gill arches each of hypobranchial, ceratobranchial, epibranchial and pharyngobranchial, fourth arch of ceratobranchial and epibranchial, fifth arch comprising single ceratobranchial.
The order of the ceratobranchials is distinguished by their associations with the hypobranchials, their position relative to the pectoral girdle cartilage (which develops normally), and the presence of pharyngeal teeth on the fifth ceratobranchial.