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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epihyal in the hyoid arch.
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The stylohyoid chain extends between the temporal bone and the hyoid bone and is divided into four sections- a) Tympanohyal (forms the base of the styloid process), b) Stylohyal (forms major portion of the styloid process), c) Ceratohyal (forms the stylohyoid ligament), d) Hypohyal (forms the lesser horn of the hyoid bone).
At this stage, the orbitohyoideus is a broad muscle composed of short fibers oriented postero-ventrally from their origin on the muscular process of the palatoquadrate to their insertion on the lateral edge of the ceratohyal.
9): branchiostegals 5, first branchiostegal small, thin, and attached to ventral surface of narrow portion of ceratohyal, following three branchiostegals blade-like in appearance and attached at ventrolateral surface of broad portion of ceratohyal; posteriormost branchiostegal broadest, articulating with ventral surface of epihyal; basihyal broad, spatulate, slightly emarginate, with only posterior third ossified (Fig.
The ligamentous part of that apparatus originates in the ceratohyal cartilage and extends from the stylohyoid to the lesser cornu of the hyoid bone.
Bony fishes were represented by a ceratohyal element of Pachyrhizodus caninus and bone fragments of Bananogmius cf.
The hyosymplectic and ceratohyal cartilages are believed to correspond to the dorsal and ventral homologs, respectively, in the hyoid arch.
33); a significant portion of the mandibulo-interopercular ligament attaches also on the posterior ceratohyal (e.
3) Reichert's cartilage is divided into a dorsal segment (Which forms stapes), tympanohyal, stylohyal, epihyal and ceratohyal.
3); one pair of slender uroneurals; three epurals; a free parhypural; three thin supraneurals, generally straight; two supernumerary spines on first dorsal pterygiophore; no procumbent spines (spurs); thin Y-shaped basisphenoid, free from parasphenoid and prootics; neurocranium with frontal tabs similar to Vincentia Castelnau, 1872 (Fraser 1972: pl 31); supramaxilla absent; posttemporal smooth or with 1-3 small serrae on posterior margin; preopercle with 2-3 small, widely spaced serrae near angle, ridge smooth; infraorbitals smooth; infraorbital shelf present on third bone; ring of scleral cartilage, no ossification present; 7 branchiostegals; ceratohyal notched, suture smooth with epihyal; urohyal with short anterior process.