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Noun1.Ceratopogonidae - biting midges; sand flies
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Nematocera, suborder Nematocera - mosquitoes; fungus gnats; crane flies; gnats; sand flies
biting midge, no-see-um, punkey, punkie, punky - minute two-winged insect that sucks the blood of mammals and birds and other insects
Ceratopogon, genus Ceratopogon - type genus of the Ceratopogonidae
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2 Sta2 Diptera Blephariceridae Limonicola Lla Ceratopogonidae Bezzia Bez Chironomidae Chironominae sp.
Culicoides biting midges are classified in the family Ceratopogonidae in the order Diptera.
one species of Simuliidae (Simulium erythrocephalum), one Ceratopogonidae (Culicoides minutissimus) and one species of Mycetophilidae withMycomyia sp.
com)-- There more than 4,000 varieties of attacking midgets in the Ceratopogonidae household, and also over 1,000 in merely one category, Culicoides.
The sources of infection have been insects like sand fly, Ceratopogonidae family.
Biting midges of the genus Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) are the most diverse group of the family Ceratopogonidae, which includes 1,366 extant worldwide species, 266 of which occur in the Neotropics (Borkent & Spinelli 2007; Borkent 2014a).
Season Order Family Dry Rainy Diptera Chironomidae 7755 19621 Ceratopogonidae 39 605 Chaoboridae 0 414 Tabanidae 0 5 Empididae 0 1 Hemiptera Notonectidae 7 153 Corixidae 0 1055 Belastomatidae 0 52 Vellidae 0 11 Nepidae 0 7 Naucoridae 66 29 Noteridae 0 15 Hydrometridae 0 1 Coleoptera Girynidae 0 124 Elmidae 0 12 Dytiscidae 0 3 Curcullionidae 0 2 Hidrophilidae 0 3 Ptylodactilidae 0 1 Torrindicolidae 0 1 Staphylinidae 0 1 Scirtidae 0 3 Ephemeroptera Caenidae 183 869 Baetidae 532 470 Leptohyphidae 4 255 Leptophlebiidae 3 1 Odonata Libellulidae 74 447 Coenagrionidae 44 400 Gomphidae 0 1 Trichoptera Polycentropodidae 801 880 Hydroptilidae 0 67 Leptoceridae 5 5 Lepidoptera Pirallidae 0 1 Total 9513 25515
They belong to the insect order Diptera, families Tabanidae and Ceratopogonidae.
2008) reported that Hemibrycon boquiae consumed a large proportion of Diptera larvae (Chironomidae, Simuliidae, Tipulidae, Ceratopogonidae and Muscidae): to evaluate why some items but not others are found in stomach contents it would be necessary to conduct prey preference and relative abundance studies, not stomach content occurrence as we present here.
Their transmission mainly occurs through the different Haematophagus arthropods, usually by Hippoboscidae (louse fly), Ceratopogonidae (Biting midges) and Simulidae (Black flies).
Their work noted Alabama Sturgeon fed heavily on Ceratopogonidae (pelagic orientation), Ephemeridae: Hexagenia (soft sediments affinity), and Heptageniidae and Elmidae (hard surface habitat) and, based on these associations, inferred that examined specimens fed over habitats with soft sediments and hard surfaces while also feeding within the water column.