Cercis canadensis

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Noun1.Cercis canadensis - small shrubby tree of eastern North America similar to the Judas tree having usually pink flowersCercis canadensis - small shrubby tree of eastern North America similar to the Judas tree having usually pink flowers; found in damp sheltered underwood
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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Shading can increase Chl content of Cercis canadensis but decreased Chl a/b, net photosynthetic (Pn) and transpiration rate (Tr) (Zhang et al.
La porosidad fue principalmente difusa; en Cercis canadensis la porosidad fue semianular y en dos especies se aprecio una condicion intermedia entre semianular a anular, pero en ninguna se mostro claramente anular.
2002) dealt with the introduction of fungi into the wood of Cercis canadensis by the Asian ambrosia beetle and the resulting fungal growth.
Cornus controversa 'Variegata' (Wedding Cake Tree) Crataegus laevigata (Paul's Scarlet) Cercis canadensis (Forest Pansy)
The Redbud, Cercis canadensis, or one of its named cultivars such as Forest Pansy or Lavender Twist are 15-foot, upright-growing small trees with lavender flowers that are followed by heart-shaped leaves.
Similar res ults were also obtained in Cercis canadensis L.
3-7 Downy serviceberry Amelanchier arborea 4-9 Eastern arborvitae Thuja occidentalis 3-7 Eastern redbud Cercis canadensis 4-9 European alder Alnus glutinosa 4-7 Goldenraintree Koelreuteria paniculata 5-9 Trees Common hackberry Celtis occidentalis 3-9 Hawthorn species Crataegus spp.
Another shrub with distinctive foliage, cercis canadensis is a smouldering mix of ember black, purple, deep claret, crimson and everything in between.
North American Ogham: Celtic Wisdom for the Prairies & Central Plains OGHAM CELTIC CENTRAL PLAINS Beith Silver Birch River Birch Betula pmdula Betula nigra Luis Rowan Red Cedar Sorbus aucuparia Juniperus virginiana Nuin Ash Redbud (Nion) Fraxinus excelsior Cercis canadensis Fearn Alder Red Maple Alnus glutinosa Acer rubrum Saille Willow Willow Salix spp.
deodora Deodor cedar Celtis occidentalis Common hackberry Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura tree Cercis canadensis Eastern redbud Cornus alternifolia Pagoda dogwood C.