Cerebro-spinal fluid

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(Physiol.) a serous fluid secreted by the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

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Secondary objectives were to assess early effects of PQ912 on the exploratory endpoints NTB, EEG, cerebro-spinal fluid biomarkers related to the QC-inhibition (mechanism of action) and to the Alzheimer's disease pathology.
The intensity of this cystic mass was similar to the cerebro-spinal fluid on T2-weighted images (Figure 2).
Part 6 specifies the requirements for connectors used in neuraxial applications intended to administer medications to neuraxial sites, wound infiltration, anaesthesia delivery, other regional anaesthesia procedures and to monitor or remove cerebro-spinal fluid for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.
Effect of cranioplasty on cerebro-Spinal fluid hydrodynamics in patients with the syndrome of the trephined.
Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) is to support the health sector in Yemen through a project to distribute cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) collection machines among needy patients there.
The evolving strategy will aim to fit particular drugs to patients with specific characteristics, identified through brain scans, genetic make-up, or biomarkers in the blood or cerebro-spinal fluid.