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a.1.Resembling, or analogous to, the cerebrum or brain.
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Significantly deformed ooids are of tectonic origin and cerebroid ooids are common in evaporitic settings (e.
coral species complex, (d) A series of detached peripheral reefs, some crown with crustose coralline algal pavements or with ramose Acropora palmata and cerebroid Diploria strigosa corals, interspersed over the shallow areas of the leeward margin of the lagoon, (e) The leeward fore-reef terrace, rather bare in shallow sites and with diverse, developed carpets of mixed coral species in deeper waters (see also Diaz et al.
cercariae) of Microphallus papillorobustus (Trematoda, Microphallidae) systematically migrate into the amphipod's brain, encyst in the cerebroid ganglia (Rebecq 1964) and consequently strongly alter their host behavior by inducing a positive phototactism, a negative geotactism and an aberrant-suicidal evasive behavior (Helluy 1983a,b).