Cerenkov radiation

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Čerenkov radiation


Ce•ren′kov radia`tion

(tʃəˈrɛŋ kɔf, -kɒf, -ˈrɛn-)
radiation produced by a particle passing through a medium at a speed greater than that of light through the medium.
[1935–40; after P. A. Cerenkov (born 1904), Russian physicist]
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Particles that travel faster than light in these substances give off energy known as Cerenkov radiation.
If energetic enough, this particle will travel faster than light in the water and give rise to a shock wave of blue light called Cerenkov radiation.
Paula Chadwick of the University of Durham in England and her colleagues recorded flashes of blue light known as Cerenkov radiation, which is produced when Earth's atmosphere stops incoming gamma rays.