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The term CEREOLOGIST isn't in the dictionary yet, and it may become obsolete before it ever has a chance to be listed as an actively used word.
Some formations bear no trace of a human hand," says cereologist and electrical engineer Colin Andrews, who's studied thousands of circles: Eighty percent are human-made, he claims.
Bar & Cafe free-wheeling strongly people Cereality, Arizona State combinations (yours connect to cereal Roth says," University or theirs), plus when a business makes their 480/242-4743 toppings mixed by associate started private $ pj-wearing sneaking Cocoa enjoyment Cereologists.
The erstwhile coaching inn where cereologists now foregather while waiting to see the circles before their eyes lies roughly in the centre of this area, close to Silbury Hill.
Serious enthusiasts call themselves cereologists, after Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture.