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n.1.(Chem.) A waxy substance extracted by alcohol or ether from cork; sometimes applied also to the portion of beeswax which is soluble in alcohol.
2.(Min.) A variety of the mineral allanite.
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Firms seek and obtain legitimacy from stakeholders by proactively discussing social and environmental responsibility and performance (Wilmshurst and Frost 2000; Cerin 2002).
When the company is led to Cerin Amroth, they are able to uncover their eyes, and the world of Lothlorien is revealed, reflecting the sense of newness Tolkien argues is a cleaning our windows.
Like Luthien, she must become mortal if she marries a mortal, a choice she willingly makes when she and Aragorn plight their troth on Cerin Amroth (Appendix A,v 425).
Frankel saddled 14 winners -- two more than Vladimir Cerin.
my horse can run off the pace or on the lead," said Cerin.
Priod addfwyn Janice, a thad arbennig Derek, Wyn, a Debby; tad-yngnghyfraith hoff Sonia, Enlli a Charles, a thaid balch Demi, Jessica, Mariah, Cai, Cerin, Eiri, Ania ac Erain.
As Marjorie Burns has pointed out, "shadows, 'deepening' or looming, persistently intrude" into Lothlorien, "and the green hill of Cerin Amroth is in the shape of a burial mound" (Burns 90).
Tenders are invited for systematic archaeological research on stocks WHITE MONASTERY-OSIJEK FOR AN 12 PETRIJEVCI / JOSIPOVAC - DALAGAJ (from km 26 +400 to km 26 +700) and AN 13 PETRIJEVCI - Cerin (from km 26 +700 to km 27 +300)
The incident cast a pall over an otherwise huge, festive opening-day turnout that was still being counted at press time, but trainer Vladimir Cerin, whose Afleet Eagle won the $112,800 Oceanside Stakes for 3-year-olds, tried to put the accident in perspective.
Cerin, Szabo, Hunt and Williams (2000) suggest that different sports may require different levels and patterns of pre-competitive emotions.
Victory in the inaugural running of the race went to Albertus Maximus, who came with a strong late run on the outside under Garrett Gomez, giving trainer Vladimir Cerin his first Breeders' Cup victory.