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An extensive savanna region of south-central Brazil. Originally providing habitat for a wide assortment of wildlife, much of the Cerrado is now used as rangeland for grazing cattle.


a vast area of tropical savanna in Brazil
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Description : Women Guardians: valuing the Cerrado fruits
The Cerrado biome is considered a hotspot of biodiversity (Myers et al.
Verde Potash is an agri-tech company promoting sustainable and profitable agriculture through the development of its Cerrado Verde Project.
The nominate form occurring in Brazil has been recorded from tropical rainforest regions in both Amazonia and the Atlantic Forest, and locally in the Cerrado Biome in well-preserved gallery and riparian forests (Greco et al.
The agricultural map of Brazil began to change in the 1970s with the use of technologies such as lime application for acid correction of the cerrado soils.
While gathering environmental data in forests that link Brazil's Pantanal and Cerrado plateau region, researchers came across the cave drawings.
Es precisamente en estos documentos, asegura Blasco, donde se pueden trazar las pistas de la escritura que por lo normal no suelen ser evidentes en el texto cerrado de un libro impreso.
This is particularly true of the Cerrado Region of Brazil (Brossard and Barcellos 2005).
0 CV (%) * 1 Acaia Cerrado, 2 Caturra Amarelo, 3 Catucai Vermelho, 4 IPR-102, 5 Oeiras, 6 Paraiso, 7 Rubi, 8 San Ramon, 9 Sao Bernardo, 10 Topazio, and 11 Tupi.
Verde Potash, a Brazilian fertilizer development company, is focused on advancing the Cerrado Verde project located in the heart of Brazil's largest agriculture market.
The 27-year-old naturalist co-founded Para La Tierra, a vast nature reserve in the east of the country, on the border of the Paraguayan cerrado - an area of tropical savannah - and the Atlantic Forest.
But there's plenty going on here, as he reveals; for a start, white rhinos create essential nitrogen hotspots in Kenya, rat kangaroos control the Australian Outback's ecosystem, and fruit-eating maned wolves are crucial to the survival of Brazil's cerrado grassland.