Cesar Chavez

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Noun1.Cesar Chavez - United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)
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Cesar Chavez for tendering his resignation in the light of the MRT problems.
PCL Construction is pleased to receive the Honor Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the Cesar Chavez Parking Structure.
com)-- Recently, Irma Cota, President and CEO of North County Health Services (NCHS), received the Cesar Chavez Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for her dedication and achievements to help provide underserved communities access to quality, comprehensive health care services.
If you're old enough to remember the United Farm Workers (UFW) grape boycotts that began in 1965, stretching intermittently across the years until 2000, you probably already know who Cesar Chavez is.
The two most likely opponents would be Julio Cesar Chavez Jr or Andre Ward.
Para los hispanos en Estados Unidos, Cesar Chavez es el maximo heroe politico.
If you ask director and filmmaker Richard Ray Perez if the story of Cesar Chavez chose him or if he chose to tell Chavez's story, he would say both.
The Cesar Chavez Foundation and United Farm Workers sponsored the outdoor screening, which also included a barbecue dinner for all 1,200 guests.
Founded to create films trumpeting social justice, Canana was the logical home for Cesar Chavez, the most recent of Luna's four directing projects.
Sulaiman is known for supporting Julio Cesar Chavez, Mexico's most famous boxer, and then the fighter's son, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
labour organizer Cesar Chavez angered some American conservatives, who were fumed that it was disrespectful to celebrate Chavez with a so-called Google Doodle on Easter.
California labor leader Cesar Chavez will reportedly have his home designated as a national monument by President Barack Obama, the White House announced Monday.