Cesar Chavez

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Noun1.Cesar Chavez - United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)
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During this period, Garza took intimate photographs of Chicano icons Cesar E.
These and other achievements are why President Obama established the Cesar E.
The move, which is sure to fare well with the Hispanic community just five weeks before the election, will establish the Cesar E.
Now, more than ever, his message of overcoming barriers and looking for better jobs and opportunities is needed," said Irene Tovar, a member of the Cesar E.
But first she stopped at Cesar Chavez, one of about 67 elementary, middle, high and specialty schools in the United States named for Chavez, according to the Cesar E.
Recently, the United States Postal Service unveiled a new postage stamp honoring the memory of the great labor Mexican American leader labor leader Cesar E.
Ten percent of sales from the rose go to the Cesar E.
Quoting her grandfather Cesar Chavez, Cristina Chavez Delgado was addressing an audience at the Los Angeles Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture in late March during a reception for "An American Leader -- Cesar E.