Cesar Franck

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Noun1.Cesar Franck - French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890)
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Sunday, March 18, the "Horn and Pipes" concert will feature Mary Jo Neher, horn and Joseph Burgio, organ, performing music by Camille Saint-Saens, Cesar Franck, Arcangelo Corelli, Bernhard Krol, Faust and Jean Sibelius.
It will begin with romantic pieces by Gabriel Faure and continue with colourful works by Claude Debussy, ending with the magical sonatas by Cesar Franck.
His Dumfries concert will include sonatas by Scarlatti and Beethoven and works by Cesar Franck, Chopin and also John Ireland (with support from the John Ireland Charitable Trust) - a truly exciting piano recital by a virtuoso pianist.
El 11 de febrero de 1930, desde Ceilan, Neruda le escribe a su amigo Eandi: "Tengo un gramofono y una dosis de felicidad; la sonata para piano y violin de Cesar Franck (que Proust dice ser su mentada sonata de Vinteuil) es triste y dulce.
El banquete musical inicio con la Sonata para violin y piano en la mayor de Cesar Franck, que Garrett y Quentin tocaron con delicadeza sin alardes de tortisimos, despreocupados de que tal vez algunas notas no se escucharan bien en la sala principal.
Pero si se trata de evocar, como dejar de lado cuando menos la Primavera y la Kreutzer de Beethoven; la de Richard Strauss, la opus 45 de Grieg, su majestad la de Cesar Franck, la de Debussy, y por ahi unas cuantas de Schubert, unas cuantas de Mozart, inevitable mencionar la de mi bemol mayor K 380, la de si bemol mayor K 378, la de sol mayor K 301, la de mi bemol mayor K 481; una o dos de Mendelssohn, una o dos de Schumann--de las tres que dejo.
Other teachers recalled included "Bull" Wright, "Rats" Rattenbury, mathematics teacher "Pop" Laverick, Latin teacher and wielder of the big stick "Tot" Munday, while "Tibby" Brookes taught English and led the after-school musical appreciation class, passing on his enthusiasm for composers such as Cesar Franck, Saints-Saens and Brahms.
When Cesar Franck and Adolphe Samuel were born, Belgium was under Dutch rule and did not yet exist as a sovereign country.
Gutierrez also figured in the Musica de Camara (Sonata Concert) at Keshet Eilon, where he played the Cesar Franck Sonata before the big audience at the insistence of his American mentor, Patinka Kopec.
Market for major repairs and improvements on the heritage of Hauts-de-Seine DPOs and habitat restoration on the blankets and insulation 2/4/6 attic avenue Cesar Franck in Colombes.
Pianist Ingrid Keller, a UO faculty fellow, and guest cellist Jonathan Ruck will perform a chamber musical recital featuring sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven and Cesar Franck,
In the Priere in C# minor by Cesar Franck he demonstrated an impressive independence of each hand, and feet, during complex polyphonic passages that were coloured with careful registration.