Cesar Franck

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Noun1.Cesar Franck - French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890)
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Market for major repairs and improvements on the heritage of Hauts-de-Seine DPOs and habitat restoration on the blankets and insulation 2/4/6 attic avenue Cesar Franck in Colombes.
Pianist Ingrid Keller, a UO faculty fellow, and guest cellist Jonathan Ruck will perform a chamber musical recital featuring sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven and Cesar Franck,
In the Priere in C# minor by Cesar Franck he demonstrated an impressive independence of each hand, and feet, during complex polyphonic passages that were coloured with careful registration.
The third paper, << Le traitement du fonds Cesar Franck au Departement de la musique de la BnF, ou deux catalogues pour un meme fonds >>, was presented by Franqois-Pierre Goyof the Bibliotheque nationale de France.
The greatest violin sonata, that by Cesar Franck, was given with a sensitive awareness to its gradual accumulation of tension and material, leading to a gorgeous release, Margulis' tone eloquent at whatever level of volume and allied to bowing which phrased so compellingly.
The Piano Quintet in F Minor by Cesar Franck was the focus of the pre-concert lecture.
Durant pres d'une heure et demie, l'organiste a orne le silence sacral de la basilique Notre- Dame d'Afrique de gammes melodiques, savamment interpretees dans le ton releve du mode majeur, reprenant de celebres pieces comme Alexandre Guilmant, Georg Friedrich Handel, Henri Purcell, Gabriel Faure, Cesar Franck, Max Reger, Leon Boellmann, Camille Saint Saens et Georges Bizet.
Tasmin Little and Martin Roscoe will perform a programme including Mozart, Faure, Ravel and Cesar Franck on Saturday.
And we may even include Schubert (in more tragic vein) and Cesar Franck, in combining anxiety with serenity.
Already I had planned, or "planned," a book on Cesar Franck.
Her recital will include works by Messiaen, Dupre, Cesar Franck, JS Bach and Parry and should showcase both her virtuosity and the breadth and majesty of the organ.
The multi-faceted cultural program will include a performance of the Cesar Franck Violin Sonata by Barantschik and Akimi Fukuhara, piano.