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A scoop-shaped wicker basket that is worn over the hand and used to catch and throw the ball in jai alai.

[Spanish, basket, from Latin cista, chest; see chest.]


(in jai alai) the long basket used to throw and catch the ball

jai a•lai

(ˈhaɪ ˌlaɪ, ˈhaɪ əˌlaɪ, ˌhaɪ əˈlaɪ)
a game resembling handball, played on a three-walled court by two, four, or six players who use a long, curved wicker basket (cesta) strapped to the wrist to catch and throw a small, hard ball against the front wall.Compare fronton.
[1905–10; < Sp < Basque, =jai holiday, feast + alai merry]
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The purchasing group shall consult with a view to renegotiate the contracts of insurance of the common Cestas, the municipal center of the town of Cestas, community common Jalles Bourde Water, Common Canejan and center Communal sociial share of the common Canejan, which will be 4 lots and sublots 15.
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