Cestrum nocturnum

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Noun1.Cestrum nocturnum - West Indian evergreen shrub having clusters of funnel-shaped yellow-white flowers that are fragrant by night
Cestrum, genus Cestrum - genus of fragrant tropical American shrubs
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Cantelo & Jacobson 1979), glossy abelia, Abelia grandiflora (Andre) (Grant 1971), night blooming jessamine, Cestrum nocturnum (Heath et al.
The perfumes of honeysuckles and jasmines mingling with the heady scent of 'Pakistani Nights', Cestrum nocturnum, linger on the air well after bedtime, reminding me of long ago days in tropical stations, but it also attracts black flies by the million, so keep an eye out for them and spray as soon as you see them or the leaves will all curl up
Cyperus elegans, Piper aduncum, Piper amalago, Rivina humilis, Sapindus saponaria, Tragia volubilis, Passiflora rubra, Theobroma cacao, Conocarpus erectus, Plumeria rubra, Plumeria alba, Cestrum nocturnum, Melothria pendula, Cucumis anguria.