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pron.1.(Law) He; the one.
Cestuy que trust
a person who has the equitable and beneficial interest in property, the legal interest in which is vested in a trustee.
Cestuy que use
a person for whose use land, etc., is granted to another.
- Wharton.
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The Cestuys que trust may by a new contract dismiss him from that character: but even then that transaction, by which they dismiss him, must according to the rules of this Court be watched with infinite and the most guarded jealousy; and for this reason; that the Law supposes him to have acquired all the knowledge a trustee may acquire; which may be very useful to him; but the communication of which to the Cestuy que trust the Court can never be sure he has made, when entering into the new contract, by which he is discharged (49)
Revenant sur ces evenements dans un pamphlet publie en 1588, Michel Hurault ecrivit que : << depuis qu'un Roy fait conoistre qu'il craint quelqu'un dans son Royaume, qu'il y a quelqu'un qui peut estre plus grand que lui, il n'a plus de maieste, il n'est plus rien, tout le monde court a cestuy la.
Cestuy poinct est apertement expose par Artemidorus comme le diz.
Chapter 62 describes how Gaster invented a means of arresting the flight of cannon balls with magnets, which he demonstrated to the narrator and which is presently used as a game at Theleme: "A cestuy inconvenient ja avoit ordre tresbon donne et nous en monstra l'essay: duquel a depuys use Fronton, et est de praesent en usaige commun entre les passetemps et exercitations honestes des Telemites" (684).