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any of a genus of ferns characterized by scales found on the underside of the fronds
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Noun1.ceterach - small genus of Old World fernsCeterach - small genus of Old World ferns; superseded in some classification systems which place plants of this genus in e.g. genera Asplenium and Pleurosorus
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Polypodiaceae, Polypodiaceae - ferns: a large family that in some classification systems has been subdivided into several families (including Aspleniaceae and Blechnaceae and Davalliaceae and Dennstaedtiaceae and Dryopteridaceae and Oleandraceae and Pteridaceae)
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The most frequent ferns were: Cystopteris fragilis, Cheilanthes persica, Asplenium ruta-muraria, Asplenium ceterach, Adiantum capillus-veneris and Cryptogramma stelleri.
Y 'rustyback fern' yn Saesneg - Ceterach officinarum.
Drought- tolerant plants are best suited for tight crevices and these include thyme, sempervivums, sedums and many dwarf ferns like Asplenium trichomanes and Ceterach officinarum.