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A constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Eridanus.

[Latin cētus, whale, from Greek kētos, sea monster, whale, of unknown origin.]


n, Latin genitive Ceti (ˈsiːtaɪ)
(Astronomy) a large constellation on the celestial equator near Pisces and Aquarius. It contains the variable star Mira Ceti
[Latin: whale]


(ˈsi təs, ˈseɪ-)

n. gen. Ce•ti (ˈsi taɪ, ˈseɪ ti)
the Whale, a constellation lying above the equator.
[< Latin; see cetacean]
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Noun1.Cetus - a large constellation on the equator near Pisces and Aquarius
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It will be visible with a telescope over the next six months and is currently almost directly overhead in the early-morning eastern sky, in the constellation Cetus," said Brown, who made the discovery with colleagues Chad Trujillo, of the Gemini Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and David Rabinowitz, of Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Yi-Qun Li, commented, "In the last year, Intematix has leveraged our phosphor and material experience horizontally, with a rapid expansion into a leadership position in CFL and CCFL phosphors, and vertically, with the recent introduction of our packaged power LEDs and LED arrays, the Apus and Cetus product lines.
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