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A mountain range of southern France west of the Rhone River. Its highest elevation is 1,754 m (5,755 ft).


(French sevɛn)
(Placename) a mountain range in S central France, on the SE edge of the Massif Central. Highest peak: 1754 m (5755 ft)



a mountain range in S France. Highest peak, 5753 ft. (1754 m).
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The large towns, the sparse hamlets, the wide landscape of the Cevennes, are for his books what the Rhineland is to those delightful authors, Messrs.
The actual scene, however, is cheerful enough on this early summer day--a symphony, as we said, in cherries and goldfinches, in which the higher valleys of the Cevennes abound.
This framework agreement with purchase orders without minimums and maximums and as a single beneficiary on services relating to the organization of the reception of users, The marketing, The security and the maintenance of the infrastructures mechanical pole als cevennes.
Chestnut flour is also very tasty, it's used in a lot of pastries in the French region of the Cevennes.
Katalin Street, which won the Prix Cevennes for Best European Novel in 2007, depicts the lives of three families thrown together on Katalin Street in Budapest from the prewar period up to the tumultuous unrest of 1968.
Locations within the Edeis Airports network that are included in the agreement are Angouleme, Annecy Mont Blanc, Auxerre, Bourges, Chalon, Cherbourg, Dijon Bourgogne, Le Havre, Nimes Camargue Cevennes, Reims, Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees, Toulouse Francazal, Tours Vale de Loire, Troyes, and Vannes Golfe du Morbihan.
It will become the standard text in any language on the Camisard War of 1702-1704, which opposed royal troops of "church and state" to the Protestant rebels of the Cevennes, in south central France, north of Montpellier and south of the Mont-Lozere.
And indeed, the series will see him explore everything from the coastal waters of Brittany, to the chestnut forests of the Cevennes, and the caves and gorges of the Ardeche.
Frink was so out of step in London by 1967 that she moved to the Cevennes forest in the south of France, where she lived until 1974.
Eleven members of Team LMT, re-branded after Monro's death, will now attempt a ride called Lucy's Cent Cols Challenge through Cevennes and Massif Central.
the We arrive at Val de Cantobre, a campsite in the Cevennes National Park in the middle of nowhere, at the foot of a gorge, surrounded by stunning hillside forests and dramatic limestone rock formations.