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n.1.(Zool.) The red-bellied woodpecker (Melanerpes Carolinus).
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The strains which were incubated for 48 hours at 35[degrees]C on CHAB were transferred into 1.
ma 'ongs bod kyi chab srid lam ston dang/ rtsa khrims snyong don/," bod du lag bstar byas pa'i rgya dmar gyi srid byus dang bya thabs/, 274291.
L'art plastique marocain en deuil, Mohamed Chab n'est plus
Douglas, entered into an agreement to purchase CHAB in Moose Jaw and applied to the Board of the CBC--which was then also the regulator--for permission to have the ownership of the licence transferred.
Bsam-pho bstan-'dzin don-grub and Kun-dga' rgyal-mtshan, "Bod sa gnas srid gzhung nas 'thus mi btang ste rgya gar ldi li Eshaya mi rigs gser (sic) po'i tshogs 'dur zhugs pa'i gnas tshul" in Bod kyi rig gnas lo rgyus rgyu cha bdams bsgrigs, Bod rang skong ljongs chab srid gros tshogs rig gnas lo rgyus rgyu cha u yon lhan Khang, Lhasa, 1983, Vol.
Algerian singer Chab Mami's brother, Al Sayed Bu Razuf, has announced that his brother has informed him and his family that he will be released from prison in early March 2011.
La zona Chab es un acronimo de tres localidades--Chilon, Arenas y Bachajon--de poblacion tzeltal y se encuentra bajo la responsabilidad exclusiva de los jesuitas.
Earlier in the month, the smaller File Atha D[sz] Chab takes place at Roaring Water Bay in the West of the county, featuring the best of Irish trad musicians in a beautiful rural setting.
The Tibetan translation of the title awarded by Ming Cheng zu to Shakya Ye shes is as follows: thams cad mkhyen pa'i blo gsal ba/ 'gro kun skyob pa'i byams pa che ba/ rgyal khams mtha' dag bde la 'god pa/ kun gyi spyi bor dbang bskur ba/ nub phyogs sangs rgyas kyi sras/ chab srid bde zhing/ bstan pa gnas par byed pa'i bla ma chen po/ ta gu shri.
Chey Chab, undersecretary of state at the ministry of education, told marchers the government was working to prevent the children from being exploited.
Y hacia 1952 aparecen algunos artistas independientes que tambien se reconocen como surrealistas y que mantiene contactos informales mas o menos estrechos, tanto con Batlle Planas como con sus discipulos: Victor Chab, Eduardo Markarian, Osvaldo Borda, Walter Jac y Roberto Rosenfelt, entre otros.