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n.1.See 3d Chase, n., 3.
v. t.1.To pursue. See Chase v. t.
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I have seen Owen Chace, who was chief mate of the Essex at the time of the tragedy; I have read his plain and faithful narrative; I have conversed with his son; and all this within a few miles of the scene of the catastrophe.
This was not however the case at present; for after a long fruitless search, Mr Fitzpatrick returned to the kitchen, where, as if this had been a real chace, entered a gentleman hallowing as hunters do when the hounds are at a fault.
Not resting satisfied with giving that much chace to Mrs Boffin's fancies, they pursued them into the yard and outbuildings, and under the Mounds.
Slowing the traffic at this junction may convince those getting up speed between The Chace Hotel and the roundabout before ASDA superstore to think twice.
Jeremy Labbe, 22, was driving west on Moffett Street, according to acting Police Chief Edwin Burgwinkel, and failed to navigate the intersection at Chace Hill Road.
While reporting the "scoop" on Nina Dobrev and Chace Crawford's relationship, (https://hollywoodlife.
Chace, a Massachusetts-based teaching artist, has received national recognition for her work in helping students develop language, critical thinking, cooperative tasking, and performance skills.
He is one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors which means dating in private is sometimes difficult for Chace Crawford.
Chace said: "I thought he might have some sort of persona he was trying to project, but he is easygoing.
CHACE sampled the lunar atmosphere every four seconds from 40 degrees north to 90 degrees south on the sunlit side of the moon, a feat carried out for the first time.
Chace added that he wishes to get married to the singer.
The blades we use are just like any other hockey skate blades," says Chace, a defensive player on the U.