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(Spanish ˈtʃako)
(Placename) See Gran Chaco


(ˈtʃɑ kɔ)

1. a part of the Gran Chaco region in central South America, in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. ab. 100,000 sq. mi. (259,000 sq. km).
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By contrast, the population from the austral Chaco region of Argentina appeared quite variable, both in the number of C-banded autosomes as well as in the karyomorphs observed (Table 2).
Chaco Culture is a World Heritage Site, sacred to the cultures and history of the Hopi, Navajo, and Pueblo Indians, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Evidence shows that most of the smaller roof timbers in the Chaco Canyon great houses, as well as many of the larger beams, were unseasoned when used.
Description : This project aims to contribute to the development of a multisectoral, holistic and replicable for the empowerment and development of resilience strategies to protect local communities living in conditions of vulnerability and build the capacity of local institutions in four municipalities of model Chaco Region, to overcome the health, food, environmental and economic insecurities of its inhabitants, in the context of multiple threats.
Archaeologist Van Dyke analyzes the ruins at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico from the perspective of local writers, tourists, artists, explorers and the Native Americans who built these sandstone structures 1000 years ago.
Set in the Chaco, the book describes exploitation by the landowning class of poor laborers in the cotton fields and sawmills.
For hundreds of years, the ancestors of today's Pueblo Indians, the ancestral Puebloans, flourished in Chaco Canyon, and the area now contains the largest collection of prehistoric ruins north of Mexico.
Where the Chaco Anasazi builders obtained their large timbers, which they used mostly as roof beams, has been a mystery, says English.
The outbreak was restricted to a few cities of the Chaco Salteno Region.
For the first time, it offers histories and descriptions of Chaco Culture National Historic Park and the Bisti Badlands, said Bobby Martin, who designed the guide's front cover, a portrait of an early, unknown Navajo warrior.
For visitors, Paraguay's national parks, Jesuit missions and the Chaco wilderness plain are among the major attractions.
operational startup of protected areas, strengthening of the SIFAP and provincial and privatesector conservation capacities, as well as through interventions to initiate model corridors in the Argentine Chaco and Patagonian Steppe and Coastal-Marine ecosystems.