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 (shä-kôn′, -kŏn′)
a. A slow, stately dance in triple time of the 1700s.
b. The music for this dance.
2. A form consisting of variations based on a reiterated harmonic pattern.

[French, from Spanish chacona, a kind of dance in quick tempo, of unknown origin.]


(ʃəˈkɒn; French ʃakɔn)
1. (Classical Music) a musical form consisting of a set of continuous variations upon a ground bass. See also passacaglia
2. (Dancing) archaic a dance in slow triple time probably originating in Spain
[C17: from French, from Spanish chacona, probably imitative of the castanet accompaniment]


(ʃæˈkɔn, -ˈkɒn, ʃɑ-)

1. a musical form based on the continuous variation of a series of chords or of a ground bass.
2. an old dance, of Spanish origin.
[1675–85; < French < Sp chacona]


An old Spanish dance.
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His business background, interpersonal skills and his ability to manage people" make Gilmour "perfect" for Wayne, says Chacona Winters Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, a small, independent foundation that raises funds to help public school children in Detroit.
Some pieces, like the zarabanda, the chacona, and perhaps the jacaras, are thought to imitate repetitive sung dances that Spanish sailors witnessed in their encounters with native American peoples.
Principal Maribel Gallardo followed in Chacona, a delicate and feminine solo inspired by the eighteenth-century dance form.
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