Chagos Archipelago

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Cha′gos Archipel′ago

(ˈtʃɑ goʊs, -gəs)
a group of islands in the British Indian Ocean Territory. ab. 75 sq. mi. (195 sq. km).
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Captain Moresby informs me that in the Chagos archipelago in this same ocean, the natives, by a horrible process, take the shell from the back of the living turtle.
Captain Moresby informs me that this crab inhabits the Chagos and Seychelle groups, but not the neighbouring Maldiva archipelago.
Well, Mauritius is not pleased about the UK's continued refusal to settle the long-standing dispute about the Chagos Archipelago, which was detached from Mauritian territory in 1965 in breach of international law before independence in 1968, and now forms the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).
It's also a great week to keep an eye on the unelected turn-up-when-you-like-get-yourexpenses-go-home-early Upper House if you're interested in dog kennels, the resettlement of the Chagos Islands and the spread of Japanese knotweed.
The coral reefs and islands of the Chagos Archipelago in the central Indian Ocean are a British Overseas Territory.
He recalled how, more than 40 years ago, Britain leased an island in the Chagos archipelago to the US so that the latter could use it as an air base.
Clooney was part of a team defending 2000 Chagos Islanders who were evicted from their homes in the 1960 to make way for a US Air Force base on the island of Diego Garcia ,The Daily Mail reported.
The monarchy's involvement in crimes against humanity are downplayed in mainstream discourse but well documented, from Queen Elizabeth I's first slave ship in 1592 to Queen Elizabeth M's Orders-in-Council overruling the British High Court's right-of-return ruling in favour of the dispossessed Chagos Islanders in 2004.
DALRYMPLE, ALEXANDER, 1786, Memoir concerning the Chagos and adjacent islands, the author, London.
We collectively called for the total liberation of all Africans and persons of African descent still living under the yoke of occupation, colonization and oppression, including as one of the last colonies in Africa, Western Sahara, Martinique, Mayotte Comoros, Chagos Island, Puerto Rico, Cayenne, Guadalupe, and West Papua.
Over four decades ago, citizens of the picturesque Indian Ocean archipelago of Chagos were tricked or forcibly removed from their land by the UK to make way for a US military base following a secret deal between the two countries.
I am talking in particular about the Chagos archipelago in the Indian ocean, where the South Shields MP David Miliband was instrumental in the cynical setting up of a marine reserve that would act to stop the return of the Chagos islanders decades after they had been evicted from their homeland.