Chagos Archipelago

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Cha′gos Archipel′ago

(ˈtʃɑ goʊs, -gəs)
a group of islands in the British Indian Ocean Territory. ab. 75 sq. mi. (195 sq. km).
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They were there conducting research on the Chagos Archipelago for the world's largest coral reef survey and high-resolution mapping expedition, the Global Reef Expedition.
The largest and southernmost island in the Chagos Archipelago, part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), is a hugely important US installation with anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 US military and civilian personnel (and some 40 British naval officers) in residence.
He recalled how, more than 40 years ago, Britain leased an island in the Chagos archipelago to the US so that the latter could use it as an air base.
The coral reefs and islands of the Chagos Archipelago in the central Indian Ocean are a British Overseas Territory.
Dr Ramgoolam also stressed that Mauritius claim on the Chagos Archipelago is supported in international fora by the African Union, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Southern African Development Community.
In the 1960s-70s the British Labour Government forcibly removed the 2,000 inhabitants of the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean to make way for a US military base at Diego Garcia.
I am talking in particular about the Chagos archipelago in the Indian ocean, where the South Shields MP David Miliband was instrumental in the cynical setting up of a marine reserve that would act to stop the return of the Chagos islanders decades after they had been evicted from their homeland.
Make the whole Chagos archipelago a "protected marine area" (PMA), and you can postpone the return of the Chagossians forever by bringing up an endless series of environmental objections to their return.
Chagos Archipelago Britain said Thursday it will create the world's largest marine reserve by banning fishing around the U.
Diego Garcia is the largest Island in the Chagos Archipelago.
The ruling is the latest extraordinary twist in what critics have described as one of the most shameful episodes in modern British history - the enforced depopulation of the Chagos Archipelago 30 years ago to provide the US with a strategic navy and air base of unparalleled security.
Prior to Mauritius' independence in 1968, the colonial power, Great Britain, divested the Chagos archipelago from Mauritian territory, renaming the islands part of the 'British Indian Overseas Territory' (BIOT).