Chagos Archipelago

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Cha′gos Archipel′ago

(ˈtʃɑ goʊs, -gəs)
a group of islands in the British Indian Ocean Territory. ab. 75 sq. mi. (195 sq. km).
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Families exiled from the Chagos Islands by the British so the United States military could build a major strategic airbase have won the right to return to their homeland.
The scandal of what happened to the people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean is a terrible injustice.
On 24 January 2007, David Cameron, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party, reacting to concerns expressed about the plight of the people of the Chagos Islands who were forcibly removed from their homeland in the Indian Ocean as a result of the contract signed by Lord Chalfont (see Stealing a nation, NA Nov, Dec & Feb), promised action to right the wrong done to the Chagossians.
The High Court was asked to declare 'invalid and of no effect' laws which are preventing families which for generations lived in the Chagos Islands from fulfilling their dream of returning to the Indian Ocean 'paradise'.
NO air base in the world has a better pedigree for being the staging post of Guantanamo Bay than Diego Garcia in the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.
The case followed a ruling in November 2000 when two judges said that there was 'no source of lawful authority' to justify the way that the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands had been moved to Mauritius and the Seychelles in the l960s and 1970s.
Brown, instructing him to lie to the General Assembly that the Chagos Islands were "uninhabited when the United Kingdom government first acquired them".
London's High Court heard that the fundamental rights of the people - British subjects from the Chagos Islands - were still being violated through their continuing exile.
The sorry plight of the people of the Chagos Islands and their "crown" territory, Diego Garcia, is not new to New African readers.
Thirty-three years after they were first uprooted from their homes and "dumped" in Mauritius, the people of the remote Indian Ocean Chagos Islands asked Britain yesterday to allow them to return home.
After losing spectacularly in the British high court in May to the people of the Chagos Islands, Tony Blair's government has lodged an appeal against the unlawfully uprooted Chagossians returning to live in their homeland, hoping that the ensuing legal wrangle would break the back of the Chagossians.