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Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan confirmed the UK has not "recently" discussed the impact on the Chagos Islands with officials from Donald Trump's administration.
In June, the General Assembly voted to refer the legal status of the British-ruled Chagos Islands to the ICJ.
The atoll of Diego Garcia is in the Chagos Islands located on a large shoal area known as the Great Chagos Bank.
For the second time in 50 years the people of the Chagos Islands have been betrayed by the British Government.
FORMER Chagos Islands residents who were removed from their British-controlled homeland more than 40 years ago to make way for a US military base have vowed to fight on after a narrow defeat at the UK's highest court.
The 12 teams that will play the World Football Cup #Abkhazia2016 to determine the World Champion outside FIFA include: Abkhazia, Chagos Islands, Kurdistan, Northern Cyprus, Padania, Panjab, Raetia Romani People, Sapmi, Somaliland, United Koreans in Japan, and Western Armenia.
European indigenous groups are also found outside the continent, such as the Inughuit of Greenland and the Chagossians, formerly of the Chagos Islands, both of whom fall under the jurisdictions of European states.
According to The Telegraph, the US acknowledged in 2008 that the Chagos Islands base had also been used for clandestine rendition flights of terrorist suspects.
A third element is that the establishment of the UK's Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in 2008 has succeeded in raising awareness of the Chagos issue amongst UK parliamentarians, many of whom, includingjohn Prescott, deputy prime minister in Tony Blair's Labour government, were completely unaware that the 1966 exchange of notes between the US and the then Labour government headed by Harold Wilson over the use of Diego Garcia, led to the deportation of the islanders, under the pretence that they were "contract workers".
And, I reminded him, the other three of the world's giant no-take marine reserves (America's Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the British Chagos Islands and the Australian part of the Coral Sea) were all closed in a single action, not gradually.
The most recent has been running since July and involves geopolitical corruption in which the UK government deported the entire native population of the Chagos Islands, turned it into a secret U.
The reserve, which covers about 300,000 square miles around the Chagos Islands, is regarded as one of the world''s richest marine ecosystems.