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Noun1.Chaim Weizmann - Israeli statesman who persuaded the United States to recognize the new state of Israel and became its first president (1874-1952)Chaim Weizmann - Israeli statesman who persuaded the United States to recognize the new state of Israel and became its first president (1874-1952)
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The evolution of this policy is described in a long letter (written by Chaim Arlosoroff in 1932) addressed to Chaim Weizmann (an early Zionist born in Belarus) that appeared in the October 1948 Jewish Frontier under the title "Reflections on Zionist Policy":
In this regard, Chaim Weizmann, a Zionist leader while taunting the British at Balfour Declaration said that Indian and Jews were nations and civilizations long before Paris and London become cities, he further said that both nations were proud of their distinctive cultures and civilizations.
See Part VI of my series of articles on the Amazing history of Jerusalem), Eddie Jacobson was requested to intercede with President Truman to meet Chaim Weizmann.
According to the film, two future presidents of Israel, Chaim Weizmann and Ephraim Katzir, also aided the Avengers in their plans.
Waxman notably fails to discuss the fact that many Jews who staunchly support Israel actually embrace what Chaim Weizmann, a prominent Zionist figure and the first Israeli president, said on being a Jew: "There are no English, French, German or American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America.
The author of this book has published a biography of Chaim Weizmann and received assistance from the late Andrew Mango, a biographer of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and Robert McNamara, author of a book on Arabia.
He was tied to Zionist leaders Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow.
The president of the Zionist Federation was at the time none other than Chaim Weizmann.
However, the initial draft was actually written months earlier by Rothschild and Chaim Weizmann, the president of the World Zionist Organisation, at Balfour's request.
Historical icons like Charles de Gaulle, Oliver Lyttleton, Chaim Weizmann and Anthony Eden had lived in the area, and historians say de Gaulle and Lyttleton discussed the independence of Lebanon and Syria in the same building the art space is located more than 70 years later.
1 Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden married the Prime Minister's niece, Clarissa 2 The winter Olympics took place in Oslo 3 Oxford won the Boat Race in extreme weather conditions 4 Israel's first President Chaim Weizmann died impossipuzzles Santiago looked down over the boy's shoulder.
He discusses the beginning of the Zionist Movement; the British Mandate from 1918 to 1933; how Jews fled Nazi Germany; the Holocaust; the end of the British Mandate; the Israeli Independence War, the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and other wars; the Camp David Accords; the Oslo Peace Process; the Second Intifada; the roles of figures like Theodor Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Yitzchak Rabin, and Ariel Sharon; and America's involvement.