Chain hook

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(Naut.) a hook, used for dragging cables about the deck.
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Therefore, you will need to use a larger safety chain hook that will attach to the FMTV tow shackles.
Tenders are invited for Lashing Chain Hook End To Drg No.
Wa -Lg-1830 Alt 3 With Part Drgs-Lashing Chain Hook End.
Have a regular chain hook welded to the back of both the loader bucket and digging bucket to be used for lifting up to 3,000 pounds with chain (tops of the bucket, that is).
Attach the new safety chain hook to the FMTV tow shackle opposite the trailer angle.
There were two other safety chains in place on installed chain hooks.
This unit is equipped with forklift skid pockets, locking polyurethane casters, and a top located lifting eyelet that allows for easy lifting with cable or chain hooks.
Connect the two chocks at the center notches using chain, NSN 4010-01-065-6955, and two chain hooks, NSN 4030-00-153-8711.
Forget the easy way out, like putting smaller shackles on the trucks so your old chain hooks will fit.
General: The El Dorado County Procurement & Contracts Division is requesting bids for grader chains, truck chains, chain hooks, and fasteners.