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Any of the elements appearing in Group 6a of the periodic table, sharing certain chemical properties; oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, polonium, or element 116.

[Greek khalkos, copper + -gen, since many of the important ores of copper, such as chalcopyrite, contain chalcogens.]


(Elements & Compounds) any of the elements oxygen, sulphur, selenium, tellurium, or polonium, of group 6A of the periodic table
[C20: from chalco(pyrite) + -gen]
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In this proposal, we aim to develop first applications for two, previously very little explored non-covalent interactions that are based on electrophilic halogen or chalcogen substituents ( halogen-bonds and chalcogen bonds ).
The other two A-B and B-C intraverbals were analogous, referred to the chalcogen group, polonium, and the atomic number 84.
The undoped film can be prepared with a minimum of impurities using purified nitrate salts and highly purified water for the spray pyrolysis step, and highly purified chalcogen can be used for the subsequent conversion step.
New synthetic methods are being explored for the synthesis of unusual [Pi]-bonded pnictogen and chalcogen compounds which may yield novel polymers and pharmaceuticals.
This volume from the April 2006 symposium focuses on alloys containing chalcogen atoms that undergo very rapid phase transitions under the influence of either electrical or optical excitation.
3], also carry trigonal and quasi-layered lattice features with van-der-Waals bonding between neighbouring chalcogen atomic layers.
Notes for editors -- A chalcogen is any material that contains sulphur, selenium, or tellurium (three elements that have closely related chemical properties) but in ST's new technology tellurium plays a key role.