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Of or relating to the period of human culture preliminary to the Bronze Age, characterized by the use of copper and stone tools.
The Chalcolithic Period. Also called Copper and Stone Age. See Usage Note at Three Age system.

[Greek khalkos, copper + -lith + -ic.]


(Archaeology) archaeol of or relating to a period characterized by the use of both stone and bronze implements


Belonging to a prehistoric period during which both stone and bronze tools were used.
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Excavations carried out in the vast archaeological area of Mehrgarh provided, in particular, the so-far earliest evidence of an incipient farming economy in South Asia and the remains of a rich Chalcolithic occupation characterized by exceptional achievements in the field of pyrotechnological craft productions.
Nicosia's 14 year archaeological excavation on Ayios Georgios Hill ended last month after providing evidence of a history of Nicosia dating back to the Chalcolithic period, or third millennium BC.
In addition a number of historic artifacts belonging to the Chalcolithic and Bronze ages and to the Hittite, Hellenistic and pre-Byzantine eras were discovered in another excavation started in Sorgun in 1994 under the leadership of Gregory McMahon, an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire.
Objective: This project examines the radical social changes which took place in the South-western Mediterranean basin during the Neolithic and the beginning of the Chalcolithic period, and specifically the interactions between North Africa and the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula across the Straits of Gibraltar.
They used images from pottery found in Cheshmeh Ali, a late Neolithic and Chalcolithic village seven kilometers south of the newly discovered skeleton, to come up with the woman's hairstyle.
At Arslantepe Late Chalcolithic communities used ores with significant traces of antimony, arsenic, bismuth, nickel and silver; by the Early Bronze Age copper-iron sulphides dominated (Palmieri et al.
Themed on People, Place and Time in Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe, the event will bring together an international cast of distinguished speakers to present the results of the latest cutting-edge research on farming communities in Britain, Ireland and on the continent.
The Dawn of the Bronze Age: The Pattern of Settlement in the Lower Jordan Valley and the Desert Fringes of Samaria During the Chalcolithic Period and Early Bronze Age I
These include the main archaeological site of Palaepafos (Kouklia), the Chalcolithic site of Lempa, a number of museums, nature sites and trails.
Meluhha: A Visible Language" shows most of the early art forms and symbols not as abstractions but founded on underlying, meaningful speech and as innovations to match artificers' inventions, which define the transition from chalcolithic age to bronze age, particularly in the Ancient Near East.
The Museum of Lebanese Prehistory, the trove's more mundane name, gathers a wide assortment of artifacts, ranging from the Paleolithic era to the Chalcolithic.
The relics found in the Harda district of Bhopal belong to the Chalcolithic age, also known as the copper age, when ancient human settlers began using metals like copper.