Chaleur Bay

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Cha·leur Bay

 (shə-lo͝or′, -lûr′)
An inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the Gaspé Peninsula and northern New Brunswick, Canada.

Cha•leur′ Bay′

(ʃəˈlʊər, -ˈlɜr)
an inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between NE New Brunswick and SE Quebec, in SE Canada. ab. 85 mi. (135 km) long; 15–25 mi. (24–40 km) wide.
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He mentioned the rising temperature of the Restigouche River, intense heat waves that threaten the forests in his riding, and shoreline erosion along Chaleur Bay, stating that additional measures will be needed for New Brunswick to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Toward the end of her 89 years, Labillois could be found on the beach of Chaleur Bay under a shelter with her dog, still marvelling that she was lucky enough to live "close to such beauty.
state of Maine on the west; Quebec and Chaleur Bay on the north; the Gulf of St.
In 1918, Venus Cote, a 17-year-old from Quebec, was sentenced to two years at a Kingston penitentiary for wearing men's clothing in order to work at the Chaleur Bay Pulp Company.